hah! joke’s on hae cuz hyukkie’s got a lil no ass…(hae’s shitty pick up lines)

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Some of Kim JaeJoong’s 8D moments. He likes taking half-naked selcas, talking nonsense and doing bullshit things etc 

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Daehyun, please share the mic.

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KH: So ugly~

RW: It feels like your future~~


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» 03/07/2014 Shimshimtapa - Formal Language
Listener: Why is Eunhyuk oppa still talking formally to Heechul oppa?
Shindong: Are you still using formal language? Not informal language?
Eunhyuk: No, I still speak formally.
Shindong: As for Leeteuk?
Eunhyuk: It's half of both.
Shindong: As for the rest of the members?
Eunhyuk: When I speak to the rest it's informally.
Shindong: You speak informally to me.
Kangin: To me as well.
Shindong: Is there anybody else who still speaks formally in this group?
Eunhyuk: Sungmin!
Sungmin: I still speak formally to all my hyungs.
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Hyuk’s nickname for members on his phone
Kangin: 깅깅 
Kyuhyun: 규 
Sungmin : 엉민이
Ryeowook: 령구
Donghae: 핵동핵
Shindong: 션통통
Yesung: 애송이
Heechul: 희님
Leeteuk: 입특

Kyu’s nickname for members on his phone
Kangin: 강깅스
Hyuk: 겨드랑이혁 (armpit Hyuk ㅋㅋ)
Donghae: 동하이
Shindong: 동그리동동
Ryeowook: -something that can’t be said on air-
Sungmin: 미니미
Yesung: -also something that can’t be said on air- 
Leeteuk: 입특
Heechul: 희님

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» 140703 | SSTP - Kyuhyun saved Eunhyuk’s KKT as “Armpit hyung”

EH: He’s obsessed with my armpit!!!
KH: His armpits are so clean! At one music show, he was wearing sleeveless shirt.. and he was washing his hand and.. he put soap there too and washed it with water.. It was the first time I saw someone do that
EH: It was the first time I had someone see that too

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» 140703 - SSTP
-Members imitating Donghae's accent-
Kangin: Donghae's pronunciation is bad when he's angry
Ryeowook: We have to translate it to understand it ㅋㅋ
Kangin: EH-ssi is the type to hold it(anger) in
Ryeowook: When he explodes, it's scary.
» 140703 - SSTP
-Listener asked if members had actual fist fights-
Shindong: I don't think we had any 1 on 1s?
Members: I think there were some... some not exactly with fists but..
Kangin: I'm sorry! I used to hit the members a lot with props! and I hit Ryeowook-ee with a plastic bottle before!
» 140703 | SSTP - Hints on 7jib

Listener asked for hints on 7jib and if the title song is by Yoo YoungJin

EH: We are preparing the album, but the title song is not yet decided.
SD: How much % do you think is done?
EH: 30% of the album
SD: What about Ryeowook-ssi?
RW: 31%~?

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